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Do you want to live in a fairy tale?

The time is right to open a magical repository of knowledge and wise thoughts. Spice up the day with this jar full of magic and be a witness to miraculous changes.

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Once upon a time, miracles were really happening...

Magic Doors used to open to the world of incredible magic...
The place where all the wishes from fairy tales came true.
This tale also has a happy ending, but it's your new beginning!!


Fairy Tale in a jar is a magical jar that has a special power. Its power is to indicate the change and help you realize that you are the creator of your own life. It is a little treasure of wise thoughts and the knowledge acquired. The jar has the power to become a magical candle holder that will fill your room with glittering colors and magic that is found in the kingdom.

Who is the fairy tale in a jar for?

It is intended for anyone who feels the magic in a fairy tale, because only then you can see the future. It is intended for you, but also for your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, granddaughter or aunt, nephew and aunt... It has a secret mission to wake you up and get you to work on yourself.

What is the ideal gift? The choice depends on the person you're buying it for, right? Gift a new beginning. Gift a great feeling!

Start a new adventure!

An investment in yourself is the best possible investment. This jar will help you see your everyday life from new perspective. Spice up the day with this jar full of magic and witness the miraculous changes.

What goes into a jar and what are its characteristics?


magical challenges


magical quotations from famous fairy tales


Stefan’s magical quotes


magical candle

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You're probably wondering how much this magical fairy tale in a jar is?

Price of a jar is

€ 15

plus shipping

But beware! Once you open the jar, your life will change for the better.

Do you really want that?

FAIRY TALE in a jar has its own rules: Start Challenge #111daysFairyTaleInAJar which invites you to pull a piece of paper out of the jar every day and do what it says. Find the happiest moment of every day!

Path of change is not easy, and no changes will happen overnight. To witness a new reality and life that you have always wanted to live, it takes time and perseverance is required. 111 days is a period long enough to adopt new beliefs, but also to let go of all that does not serve you anymore, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Release is never easy and there is always resistance, and for it to be successfully removed, it takes at least 90 days.

When you take the last piece of paper out of the jar and thus fulfill #111daysFairyTaleInAJar challenge, at the bottom a magical candle is waiting for you. It is a symbol of light in the darkness that this life brings. Light the magical candle for your perseverance. You'll see how the candle and discovery of its magic can help you to transform some situations in your life. Burning of the candle will bring you peace when you feel that you are surrounded by a strong feeling of fear or anxiety.

How can I order “Fairytale in a Jar”?

You can make a order for a “Fairytale in a Jar” by filling up the form below.

Possibility of delivery in Europe and countries in the Region.
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